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Most days I am asked what “tricks” people can do to rank higher in Google. So I will be introducing different ranking factors Google uses in 2016 along with tips on how to take advantage of them the best way possible. Here are 35 tips to help you conquer Google in 2016.

It appears Google is like the game of seven-thirty, you have to stay close to the limit, but if you spend, you are eliminated. The difference with the seven and a half is that Google is changing that limit every two or three weeks because Google is always making adjustments to its ranking algorithm: they are like quicksand. Sometimes it is seven-thirty, then without warning it becomes a game of eight-fifteen, then half past six …

So what was relevant and helpful 1 to 2 years ago on Google, now would probably get you penalized. Hence this is why it is important to leave SEO in the hands of professionals. These 35 “commandments” to be the first in Google are not theories, but tips that have worked with the positioning of customers in the past and are the result of experience, practiced by top SEO services providers. The tips listed below are recommended by Managed Admin:

I have divided the following 35 Google ranking tips of 2016 into 3 sections.

    A) On Page Optimization (in the website)
    Content landing pages
    Optimizing landing pages
    B) OFF PAGE Optimization (outside your website). Distribution of links received, to avoid Google Penguin
    C) Measure results with data analysis

In this section I try to explain things in a simple language, but if something is not understood, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

A) Google Tips for On Page optimization (in the website)
Here you have the 21 most important tricks of onpage optimization,

Content of landing pages (landing pages):

    1. Compose original, interesting and sharable content: manuals, computer graphics, infographics, different compilations that can be distributed via social media, etc. If you can create good content, people will link to your content creating valuable and authoritative backlinks

    2. Make a landing page for each keyword (search for one or more words) where you want to be number 1 in Google. So, have a page within your site dedicated to every search you hope to rank first in Google.

    3. If the content is copied and pasted from another site, Google will penalize you and your rankings will be removed. The “cut and paste” method (where you copy and paste content from other websites to yours) is dead thanks to Google Panda. Before it was a working method in the pre Panda Days (the good ole days)

    4. Avoid duplicate content within your website. To see if you have duplicate content, review the proposed HTML improvements in Google Webmaster Tools, where you will see duplicate titles and urls. Also make a Google search box by putting on Google: site: tuweb.com keyword. So you can find duplicate content. This is arranged by redirecting all duplicate content with 301 redirect or with rel = “canonical”

    5. Sometimes content is duplicated on the web with and without www. To detect it, search Google: site: tuweb.com inurl: www site and compare it: tuweb.com -inurl: www. Then do a 301 redirect.

    6. Write a minimum of 500 words per article. Ideally, though, you should write 1,500 words per article. (Longer articles frequently get higher ranking than shorter ones)

    7. Put links to your Social profiles, primarily Facebook, Twitter and Google+. And then share your content via social networks. Social Signals are increasingly becoming more valuable to Google’s search algorithm.

    8. Include videos from YouTube with the title optimized for your keywords.

    9. Frequently update the content: new or old, the newly updated content looks great for Google.

    10. Add Links in your article to relevant websites on the subject with nofollow tags. This way you won’t lose rankings.


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